Analog Devices

Analog devices find their application in several electronic equipment: computers, TVs, digital cameras and more. Root2Source is a broad range of the same including amplifiers, drivers, data converters, multiplexers and more. From audio/video amplifiers, ballast controllers and power switches to sensors, regulators and timer circuits, find everything at one place. We offer quality semiconductors from popular brands. Use the parametric filter to find the right component for your needs. 


Amplifiers are electronic devices that increase the power of a signal in a design. They use electric power from the power source in a circuit and use it to amplify the signal. They are used in a wide range of applications, including wireless communication, broadcasting systems, and audio equipment.

Audio amplifiers are electronic components that increase the strength of audio signals that pass through them and can convert any low-power audio signal to a high-power one.
Differential Output
Differential output amplifiers are devices that amplify the difference between two voltages without amplifying the specific voltages. 
High Speed

High-quality high-speed opamps that are categorized by maximum supply voltage, number of channels, nominal slew rate, maximum input offset voltage, gain, and nominal gain bandwidth. 

Low Noise
Low noise amplifiers are electronic devices that are used to strengthen possibly weak signals while keeping noise at bay. If your design needs a Low noise operational amplifier, ultra-low noise op amp, low noise power amplifier, low noise differential amplifier or any other types of low noise amps, Root2Source gives you the right solution.
Operational / General Purpose
We offer a broad range of op amps from industry-leading manufacturers. You can choose from CMOS, differential, voltage and analog amplifiers based on output type.
Programmable Gain
Programmable gain amplifiers, shortly known as PGAs are electronic components whose gain can be controlled by external analog or digital signals.
Variable Gain
Variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) also called as voltage-controlled amplifiers are devices that can vary their gain depending on a control voltage. They are widely used in remote sensing and communications equipment.
Video amplifiers are electronic devices that amplify video signals in order to enhance the video quality

Regulators & References

Widely used in almost all types of applications, voltage regulators are electronic components that maintain a constant voltage in a circuit. They help keep voltages within the prescribed range that electrical equipment can tolerate to avoid any damage due to overload.

Battery Charger

Based on the circuit design and battery type, select from our battery charge controllers, USB charging controllers, linear SMT controllers and more. They are categorized by configuration, number of channels, maximum input voltage limit, and more. 

Integrated Power Modules
Integrated power modules are electronic modules that act as reliable and durable physical containment for several power components. They are used in controllers, processors, networking systems and many other applications.  We supply DC/DC power modules, step down power modules, PRM regulators, PWM buck regulators and more.
Linear Regulators
Linear regulators perform functions like variable resistor and adjusts the voltage divider network continuously in order to maintain constant output voltage.
Shunt Regulator
Programmable shunt regulators to integrate to any shunt voltage regulator IC. Whether your design needs a shunt voltage regulator, adjustable shunt regulator, linear shunt regulator, or low voltage shunt regulator, we have the right solution.
Switching Regulators

Switching regulators are widely used in consumer products. They regulate voltage through on/off mechanism at regular duty cycles. Unlike linear regulators, they can produce output voltage higher than the input voltage. We offer DC-to-DC switching regulator, monolithic power switching regulator, step-up/down/inverting switching regulator or any other types. 

Voltage References
Voltage references are electronic components or circuits that provide constant output voltage irrespective of external conditions, like load temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and the passage of time.
Multiplexers (Mux) are switching devices that take several input lines and relay them to a single output. In contrast to multiplexers, demultiplexers (Demux) are devices that take a single input line and transfer them to one or more output lines. Some devices perform both mux and Demux functions in a circuit design and are called as multiplexers/demultiplexers.

Power Controllers

Power controllers are semiconductors that enable you to control the power flow to a load. They help you regulate current flow in a circuit design.  Explore our collection of power controllers, including hot swap controllers, power factor controllers, PWM controllers, SMPS controllers, ballast controllers and current mode controllers. We help you order custom units to avoid unneeded surplus. 

Ballast Controllers

Ballast controllers are essential components that allow you to control an electrical ballast, a device that limits the amount of current in an electric circuit through an electrical load. Whether you are designing a ballast control panel, a lighting ballast control system or other control devices. 

Current Mode Controllers

Control power flow in the circuit the reliable way with the wide range of current mode controllers. It includes current mode controller IC, PWM current mode controller, high performance current mode controller and more. They are categorized by Maximum Supply Current, Maximum Frequency, Turn On Threshold Voltage, Turn Off Threshold Voltage, and other specifications. 

Hot Swap Controllers
Hot Swap controllers enable designers to insert electronic circuit boards and cards into live system backplanes without switching them off. They are suitable for use in critical systems, such as servers and communication equipment that need to be operated continuously. We offer a wide selection of hot plug controller, distribution controller and many other types of hot swap controllers as well as hot swap controller ICs.
PWM Controllers
Monitor and control analog circuits digitally with feature-rich Pulse Width Modulation controllers shortly called as PWM controllers. From PWM current mode controller and PWM DC-DC controller to PWM controller switch and PWM controller IC, find everything you need for your circuit design here. Our PWM controllers are categorized by varied specifications, like supply current, supply voltage, maximum frequency, input current, input voltage, topology and more, to offer design flexibility.
Power Factor Controllers
Power factor correction also known as power factor controller is just what you need to keep reactive power generated in a circuit at bay. We offer transition-mode PFC controller, automatic power factor controller, compact power factor controller and more.
SMPS Controllers
We offer reliable and feature rich SMPS controller chips to integrate to SMPS controller ICs. For easy selection with parametric filter, our controllers are categorized by maximum supply current, maximum supply voltage, maximum frequency, topology, power dissipation, and more.


A driver is an electronic device that provides a software interface to hardware devices connected to it.  You can choose from our range of LCD display drivers, LED display drivers, LED drivers, MOSFET drivers, IGBT drivers, and video drivers.

LCD Display Drivers

Interfacing LCD to your application made easy with the programmable LCD display drivers available at Root2Source. From analog LCD display drivers and CMOS LCD display driver to universal LCD display driver. 

LED Display Drivers
An LED display driver is an IC chip that allows you to interface digital systems or units to an LED display.  Our drivers are categorized by supply voltage, output current, display mode, number of digits, and multiplexed display capability for easy selection.
LED Drivers

Regulate the power of LEDs or LED arrays the effective way with LED drivers. Our selection includes LED sink driver, constant current LED driver and current regulator LED driver among other types. They are used in all types of lighting applications – from portable flashlight and LCD backlighting to residential, commercial, and industrial lighting. 

MosFet / IGBT Drivers

MOSFET/IGBT driver chips that can be integrated to any MOSFET IC, MOSFET gate driver, IGBT gate driver and many other applications easily. Whether you want high-side or low-side MOSFET driver, Full-bridge or half-bridge MOSFET driver. 

Motor Drivers

In an electronic circuit, motor drivers convert a low-current  signal to a high-current signal in order to operate a motor. They are used in audio-visual devices, peripherals, navigation systems and automotive applications. 

Peripheral Drivers
Peripheral drivers are essential components that allow you to establish seamless communication between a computer and peripherals connected to it.
Video Drivers

Video drivers are electronic circuits that come integrated with software to link operating system to a video card in order to monitor and control the video output. We offer H-Bridge driver, video differential output driver and many other types that are widely used in video applications. 

Analog Switches

Analog Switches

From variable analog switch to integrated analog switch, our product range comes in a variety of functions, configurations, and packages.



A comparator is a device that compares two voltages or currents in a circuit and indicates which one of them is larger than the other.

Data Converters

Data Converters

Conversion of data made easier than ever before with the range of accurate data converters. We offers analog-to-digital converters that translate analog signals into a digital representation of that signal without altering the content.

Multiplexers / Demultiplexers

Multiplexers / Demultiplexers

Multiplexers (Mux) are switching devices that take several input lines and relay them to a single output. In contrast to multiplexers, demultiplexers (Demux) are devices that take a single input line and transfer them to one or more output lines. Some devices perform both mux and Demux functions in a circuit design and are called as multiplexers/demultiplexers.



The heart of a measurement system, sensors are devices that measure a physical quantity in order to convert it into an electronic signal. They respond to any change in physical phenomena or environmental variables and to the changes. Measures the physical variables like light, sound, speed, temperature, pressure and more. 

Timer Circuits

Timer Circuits

Timer circuits are essential electronic components in a circuit that allow you to activate or deactivate electronic devices at a specific time or regular interval. We offer general-purpose timers or a precision timer Select from our range of clock oscillators, crystal oscillators, silicon oscillators, I/O Expanders and programmable timers. 

Digital Potentiometer​

Digital Potentiometer​

A digital potentiometer commonly called as a Digi pot imitates the analog functions of a potentiometer. These digitally controlled potentiometers feature microcontrollers to trim and scale analog signals. We offer volatile or non-volatile digital potentiometers. We have categorized them by number of positions, number of channels, interface, resistance, tolerance, and more for easy selection. 

Power Switches

Power Switches

Power switches are used to control the flow of electricity between devices or components in a circuit. They are used in LCD monitors, computers, servers, printers, and other electronic applications to control current flow. We offer a USB power switch, PC power switch, MOSFET switch or Ethernet power switch.

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