Passives are electronic components that operates on its own without any need for an energy source.  We provide a wide range of passives including buzzers, capacitors, filters, inductors, resistors, speakers, and thermistors. They are available in varying frequency, capacitance, rated voltage, temperature range and style for every application.


A resistor is a passive electronic component that restricts the flow of current to other components. To ensure safe current flow in a circuit, you need a quality resistor. We offer fixed resistors, variable resistors, thick film resistors, chip resistors, and more. 


Fixed Resistors

Resistors are used to restrict current flow in a circuit. Most-frequently used in circuit designs, fixed resistors come with fixed resistance and help restrict flow of current at certain level. Fixed resistors are available in many types, including thick film chip resistor, thin film chip resistor, surface mount resistor, metal oxide resistor, wire wound resistor, and metal film chip resistor. 

Resistor Networks & Arrays
Resistor networks also known as resistor arrays feature multiple resistors connected in a circuit pattern. They primarily act as a voltage divider, which split the voltage in a circuit to smaller amounts.
Variable Resistors

If you want to control the flow of current in your circuit design, choose from our selection of variable resistors. These resistors enable increase and decrease of resistance to control current flow. We offer them in three types – potentiometer, trimmer and turns counting dial. Choose from our single-turn potentiometer or multi-turn potentiometer based on your requirement. 


Acting like a battery in a circuit design, the capacitor is the commonly used passive component that stores electrical energy and discharge it when needed. We offer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, aluminum polymer capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, mica capacitors, niobium oxide capacitors and more. We also stock RF capacitors, super capacitors, ultracapacitors and capacitor arrays from leading brands to help you overcome design challenges.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
An aluminum electrolytic capacitor features an anode that consists of thin aluminum foil with an etched surface that is covered with aluminum oxide that acts as dielectric. Popularly called as e-caps, they offer the largest capacitance values per unit volume compared to ceramic and plastic film capacitors.
Aluminum Polymer Capacitors
Featuring an aluminum anode, aluminum cathode and a separator sheet infused with electrolyte, aluminum organic polymer capacitors have low ESL, low ESR and large capacitance. Owing to their characteristic traits, they are used in applications, like automotive equipment, LCD displays and portable electronic equipment.
Ceramic Capacitors
Ceramic capacitors feature ceramic material that acts as the dielectric and are widely used in most electronic applications. We offer capacitor arrays, multilayer ceramic capacitors, single layer ceramic capacitors or specialty ceramic capacitors.
Film Capacitors
Widely used in DC and AC microelectronic and electronic applications, film capacitors. We offer polypropylene film capacitor, plastic film capacitors and polymer film capacitors.
Mica Capacitors
Mica capacitors are used in applications that need high precision, reliability and stability. Popularly known as silver mica capacitors. We offer quality capacitors at great prices. Our dipped mica capacitors are suitable for many applications, including high-power RF transmitters, TV amplifiers, radio and TV transmitters and inverter circuits.
Niobium Oxide Capacitors
Providing reliable and consistent performance, niobium oxide capacitors are widely used in coupling circuits. They are noise-free and render excellent performance at increasing temperature. We offer them in varied capacitance, tolerance, case size, dimension, packaging type and rated voltage, so you’ll find the right capacitor for every application.
RF Capacitors
Our range of RF microwave capacitors are used in RF amplifiers, LC filters and networks, power amplifiers, cordless and cell phones, laser devices and more. We offer SMT capacitors that are not only easy to install, but render reliable performance. Find RF capacitors in diverse capacitance, rated voltage, tolerance, dielectric technology and more here!
Super Caps
Super capacitors, shortly called as super caps, come with two layers of an identical substance to store electric charges, rather than a conventional dielectric component.
Tantalum Capacitors
Tantalum capacitors have three components, a pellet of tantalum metal that acts as an anode, an insulating oxide layer that constitute a dielectric, which is surrounded by conductive material that acts as a cathode. Owing to low ESR, high operating temperature and low leakage, tantalum electrolytic capacitors are used in sample and hold circuits as well as in some time circuits. We offers them in varied types, including conformal coated, polymer, solid leaded, and solid SMD tantalum capacitors.


Transfer electrical energy effortlessly between circuits with a transformer that enable energy flow through electromagnetic induction. We provide audio transformers, coupled inductors and signal magnetic transformers. From analog transformers and RF transformers to power transformers, we have transformers in varying impedance, frequency range DC resistance, inductance and current rating. 


Audio Transformers

Audio transformers are widely used in audio circuits to carry audio signals. They are primarily used to block RF interference in an audio signal and to split or combine audio signals. Electrically isolate one audio signal from another with our audio isolation transformers. Find audio transformers in varied impedance, rated current, frequency range, rated power and DC resistance here. 

Signal Magnetic Transformers

Get high-quality signal magnetic transformers that enable interference-free signal transmission in a circuit design. We offer signal transformers, like LAN, RF transformers and power transformers that are widely used in communication and networking systems. From analog transformers and Balun transformers to magnetic modules and isolation modules. 



Eliminate electromagnetic interference and enhance signals in a circuit with powerful filters. Reduce the impact of radiation noise in devices with our common mode chokes. EMI filters are just what you need to improve performance in communication equipment. Removing power line noises in personal devices, entertainment systems and other digital devices made easy with our ferrite beads.



An inductor stores energy in the form of a magnetic field. Used extensively with capacitors and resistors, inductors are used in many challenging applications. If your design needs a quality inductor, look no further than the selection of power inductors, toroid inductors, RF conductors, multilayer inductors and wire wound inductors. 



A thermistor acts as a temperature sensor and changes its resistance value as the surrounding temperature changes in a device. Widely used for measurement and control, thermistors are categorized as two types - PTC thermistors and NTC thermistors. For CRT displays, 3D printers, heating equipment or other appliances, you’ll find suitable thermistors for every application. 

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