Analog Devices

Analog devices find their application in a number of electronic equipment: computers, TVs, digital cameras and more.


Acting like a battery in a circuit design, the capacitor is the commonly used passive component that stores electrical energy and …

Circuit Protection

Circuit protection is installing a weak link in an electrical circuit intentionally in order to prevent excessive amounts of current or a short circuit. 


Discrete semiconductors perform a single electronic function. Discretes are categorized into diodes, transistors and several other types, 


Diodes are two-terminal unilateral semiconductor devices that allow the flow of current in one direction, while blocking the flow in the reverse direction. 


Electromechanical usually refers to a mechanical device that is operated electrically. We offers  batteries, power cords and power supply products.


Passives are electronic components that operates on its own without any need for an energy source.  We provide a wide range of passives including buzzers,

Power Supplies

Our range of power supplies deliver the right amount of power to individual parts of your device, ensuring optimum performance and durability.


The heart of a measurement system, sensors are devices that measure a physical quantity in order to convert it into an electronic signal.


A switch is an inevitable component in any design.  From dip switches, encoder switches, and pushbutton switches to rocker switches, rotary switches

Wireless Devices with RF Chips

We offers a complete range of RF chips such as RF attenuators, RF antennas, RF amplifiers,


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